Just A Little Bit About Me!

My main passion is writing code! I like to solve problems and challenge myself daily.

I decided to get into website development after having the need for a personal project many years ago. Upon doing some research I was instantly intrigued by HTML and Perl. Websites at the time were mostly static text with images.

I built my first project using Perl for an auto dealership, providing them with the ability to manage their inventory online. From that point on I spent my days researching online and joining mailing lists and reading tutorials online to further my knowledge.

I have been programming in PHP and other languages for 10+ years. Including but not limited to, HTML & HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Perl, Bootstrap, and as mentioned before PHP. Working with frameworks such as Codeigniter and Laravel to bring quality applications to my clients.

I am constantly reading and learning new things to broaden my knowledge and extend my skill level.

Father of three and married to an amazing woman!

My family is the reason for my drive and is the most important thing in my life! With the love and support I receive from them I can achieve anything!!

Some photos for your viewing pleasure

Just a few photos of my family, friends, and things I like to do.

Ray Cuzzart II

When I'm not sitting behind the computer writing code or spending time with my family and friends, I like to jump on my Harley and hit the road!

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